I care deeply for the residents of Boyle & Casey County. I care about protecting jobs to protect the future of the communities I call home. Today, thousands of Kentuckians remain out of work or underemployed, waiting for a stagnant economy to slowly recover. While living under Obama’s policies, we have experienced a slumping economy, a healthcare disaster, higher utility rates due to the War on Coal, and Obama’s EPA reaching our family farms. These job-crushing policies are unacceptable, and Kentucky families just cannot afford them.

Obama’s presidency is coming to an end, and we must ensure that his policies leave with him. As your representative, I will support job-creating solutions. Let’s get our citizens back to work and push Boyle and Casey counties towards prosperity and stability.

Support for our military veterans is a cause that is close to my heart.  In office, I will raise awareness on the issues that Ft. Campbell and Ft. Knox face and I will support legislation that helps our service members and their families. After defending the freedoms that make our country so unique, they deserve direct programs and services created to meet their needs. 

Most of us have never served in the military, myself included. We will not know the pain of leaving our child for months on end. We will not know the emotional recovery that they face upon returning from active duty. But we all benefit from their service each and every day. 

We need to remember that our service men and women are on the front lines in today’s heightened security climate. With such a climate, we need to remind ourselves that when we cut troop numbers, we are cutting off our nose to spite our face. By protecting our military families, we protect the futures of all our families.

Bureaucrats have no place within our state government. A true fiscal conservative, I will fight against government overreach and wasteful spending. I will work to help you keep your hard-earned money. After all, you are doing more with less, and so should your government.

I have much hope for our future, but I’m worried that Obama’s legacy will get in the way.

  • The national debt has doubled under his care.
  • ObamaCare has increased health care costs for millions.
  • We are suffocated by federal spending.
  • Since the recession, our economy has grown at a dismal pace.

I have great faith in our future. But to ensure that future, we must look to a new majority in Frankfort. We must stop liberal Democrats from squandering our hard-earned money. We must stop growing our government, so that we may start growing our economy again.

Nothing promotes progress better than transparent leadership. You ought to know what your elected officials are up to, and they benefit from accountability. Not only should your elected officials promote transparent leadership, but they should work towards establishing a long-term system of open government. Openness strengthens the relationship between elected officials and the people they serve. Openness also encourages the public to participate in their government, and with the dismal voter turnout numbers Kentucky has suffered from, it is time we encouraged our citizens to participate in their government again. I am committed to making Frankfort a more open and accessible tool for strengthening our communities in Boyle and Casey counties. We will work together to give Kentucky the fresh start we deserve.

Religious freedom was written into the bedrock of American liberty, and yet this protected right has been under attack right here in Kentucky. Our last governor refused to get involved when religious freedom was under attack, which tells me that he did not view the free exercise of religion as a right worthy of protection. We must protect the religious freedoms of all Kentuckians, and offer logical solutions founded in our Constitution.

The language that makes up the Second Amendment is pretty simple. No matter what Obama’s liberals argue, it is our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. For many Kentuckians, owning a firearm is a part of everyday life. The fact that the Obama administration continues to jeopardize this fundamental right is truly beyond understanding.

I will stand up to those who hope to take away our rights by creating ineffective background checks and arbitrarily limiting aspects of gun ownership. I promise to always stand up for the Constitutional rights of my fellow Kentuckians and to protect our way of life.

The values I learned growing up in Kentucky continue to guide my footsteps today. I was taught to honor the life given to us by God and I believe in the sanctity of life. I am 100% pro-life. The government should not be backing clinics like Planned Parenthood. These institutions profit from the destruction of innocent life. There are many alternative solutions, like adoption, as well as other women’s health services that would be a better use of our taxpayers’ money.

I also believe in preserving traditional marriage and I will fight against activist politicians who attempt to impose their own ideas on our communities.  We must defend our constitution. Ultimately, I am ready defend the principles of the Boyle and Casey County communities.

We are living in a state that boasts the third highest drug overdose mortality rate in the nation — and it’s not really something to boast about. According to our government’s findings, Kentucky loses over 1000 Kentuckians each year from prescription drug abuse alone. The non-medical use of prescription pills is a big problem for our communities, and is also our nation’s fastest growing issue. While there is no way to perfectly safeguard our families against the issue of drug abuse, there are ways to battle this epidemic:

  • Work on improving current prescription abuse legislation.
  • Decrease over-prescription and number of “pill mills” by holding physicians accountable.
  • Find and implement local solutions.
  • Educate our communities and encourage families to monitor their children’s activity.
  • Crack down on drug dealers with harsher penalties.

This issue is composed of a multi-faceted problem, and will require a diverse and multi-faceted solution. That solution will take time, and I am prepared to do everything I can to improve our numbers nationally, while also recovering the lives of those who have been touched by this disease.

For too long, our politicians have been fogged by excessive regulation and outdated ideology. We need a fresh start – we need to get back to representing the views of the people we promise to serve.

As a lifelong conservative, I am ready to bring commonsense, results-driven leadership to Frankfort. I am ready to start working on the kind of cooperation and commonsense reform that will truly bring a brighter tomorrow – a tomorrow in which our children will have better options than they do today. With a new majority, we will be one step closer to providing truly commonsense leadership for Kentucky.